Student Portfolio: outer skin/inner space

On March 15, 2016, Outer Skin/Inner Space featured mixed media artwork from the Department of Art & Art History's Assistant Professor Stacey Holloway's Spring 2016 Contemporary Woodworking class and Assistant Professor Doug Baulos' Hybrid Material Studies class. The exhibition showcased individual student projects from both courses as well as collaborative works between the classes. As teams, the students worked to build metaphorical shelters from natural and recycle materials. 

The Contemporary Woodworking class explored the techniques and processes of traditional woodworking while applying those methods to contemporary ideas. Students advanced their craft in joinery, turning, bending, carving and finishing while developing a contemporary vocabulary of form and function. The individual student work exhibited with the collaborative project were that of the Survival Kit assignment, where the students were challenged to create a survival kit that houses materials and objects that are important to them and their practice as an artist, whether the emergency be real or mythical. It was to be an autobiographical representation of the “self” while they expand their woodworking skills.